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Design, building and installation of unique equipment - Total recovery with guarantee - Unique technology moving throughout Eurpope

GATE Engineering.

Member of the GATE Team. We perfect in special solutions.

Our company.



Our parent company, the GATE Szerviz Kft. has been on the market since 1989. During that time we specialized in installation, maintenance and repair of garage doors, access control systems, alarm systems, automatic doors, fast gates, barriers, parking systems, security doors, industrial docking technologies, fireproof doors and other products.


With over 25 years of experience we wanted to exploit a new division where we can achieve further success.





Our team.



Our staff will make every effort to ensure our partners to be satisfied with GATE Engineering's work.


For each project is different we choose different experts of GATE Group to brainstorm and create the optimal solution for our Partners.




With my degrees in Engineering and Economics and over 25 years of experience as the managing director of GATE Szerviz Kft. my aim was to create a company that solves problematic cases of specific equipment.




I am a safety Engineer with 10 years of experience in gate and docking systems.

We have repaired and rebuilt collapsed ramp, exploded hydraulics and a large number of equipments.

We have invented some unusual technical solutions where the conventional door and loading technology could not be used.

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