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Design, building and installation of unique equipment - Total recovery with guarantee - Unique technology moving throughout Eurpope


Extending an opening with maintaining and existing gate

Task: Expansion of an existing gate's 8000x8000 mm opening with providing an extra permeable surface which can be restored to the original size at will


Solution: A custom-designed support structure (with a supporting one leg) that allows formation of a 1500x5000 mm  single-wing door construction on the facade of the building. By this the gate's permeable surface's parameters got bigger.The door can be moved by hand with the help of the robust bearing pivot points however to ensure safety can be locked electrically.

GATE HSD5050 - automatic sliding gate with radiation protection

Task: Design of a unique, mobile radiation shielding wall with tight size constraints. Radiation shielding is only possible with heavy concrete structure which requires 50 tons of mechanical movement.


Solution: GATE HSD5050® automatic sliding gate with radiation protection – Our existing, patented sliding gate was revised according to the customer's needs in order to successfully carry out the project. The wall itself is about 50 tons of concrete which operates automatically in front of the opening.

GATE MB5010 - electriconically moved mobile bridging plate

Task: Normal operation in some cases can be distrubed by operating gaps. It may be necessary to overcome these points where appropriate to ensure heavy working load.


Solution: GATE MB5010® electronically moved mobile bridging plate – an accessory that can be fitted in the GATE product line or can be an independently functioning, electro-mechanically moved compact device with the carrying capacity of 15 tons.

GATE S40HP - stainless steel fast roll-up door with up to 150 Pa pressure

Task: A compact size high-speed door that fits 150 Pa air permeability under 1000 Pa wind resistance. Hyperbaric, clean room premises and/or gas fire-extinguishing system must have the space to hold pressure for the extinguishing system to be effective and fulfill it's duties.


Solution: GATE S40HP® stainless steel roll-up system, clean room high-speed door up to 150 Pa pressure.The device fits into the GATE product line, works effectively with the other elements of the system, in case of a fire it performs a specific emergency protocol in order to keep the right pressure in the premise.

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