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Design, building and installation of unique equipment - Total recovery with guarantee - Unique technology moving throughout Eurpope

Equipment recovery



An equipment's life is greatly influenced by the conditions of use, of the running hours of operation and the amount and quality of maintenance.

The cart below shows the average cost of maintaining a vehicle for its entire life (the average maintenance cost in red):

The dates of the greater repairs can be recognized easily and how the cost rises depending on the driven kilometers. All other devices cases are similar.

The probability of falilure - with time running - shows an overall negative change: the probability of the problems arising from the construction/design and assembly errors decline (in red), but random failures are present in the system (in green).

Also the number of errors unavoidably arise in proportion to the result of wear.

Interest of the owner / operator is to keep the costs low. This can work with reactive repairs and preventive maintenance.

But what happens after a sharp rise in input costs where maintenance doesn't help any more and the repairs become a monthly activity and cost?

At this point:

  • The service costs too much

  • Maintenance no longer saves costs

  • Purchasing a new equipment would cost more than the previously mentioned facts


There has to be a balaced compomise between the service and the purchase of a new equipment and this is what GATE Engineering offers:




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