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Special solutions

Unique equipment design
Egyedi gépek tervezése, kivitelezése

In most cases it is enough to choose the right size and design of an equipment from a table.


But what happens when we're searching for a product that is not available with the proportions or specifications we need? Either we begin to compomise and try to join standard series of technology products or we seek for individual solutions.

Equipment recovery

Over time, the equipment needs service and service costs increase to such an extent that raises the question of replacement. With such a machine on the exhange represent a significal amount of expense that most companies can hardly cover.

For the drastic rise in the repair fees and the problem of replacing the equipment we offer a cost-effective solution. A total renovation with guarantee for our clients that is only a fraction of the new machine's price.

Technology moving
Egyedi gépek tervezése, kivitelezése

We relocate and move custom intallations throughout Europe. 


For example moving a conveyor belt system to another location to continue the operation at short notice.

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